Meet Your Coach Richard Pybus

I'm Richard Pybus, I've coached Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middlesex, Titans and the Cape Cobras in South Africa and the goal of this site is to help you to play winning cricket.

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What The Pro’s Say About Coach Pybus

My success recipe for International Athletes is hard work, a disciplined work ethic and Richard Pybus
Morne Morkel
Fast Bowler / Titans and South Africa
The time I spent playing under Richard Pybus has been the time when I learn't the most in my cricket career, it has also been the most enjoyable.

His positive mental approach to the game and brilliance as a coach in every way will be with me for the rest of my career.

I hope one day to be working with him again.

Francois 'Faf ' Du Plessis
Batsman / Titans and South Africa

CONSISTENCY with decision making:
Never have I met a Coach who's been this solid with game plans, on & off the field!

CALMNESS under pressure:
From the first day I met Richard, he's had the ability to calm players down by just being there. His presence and especially the way of speaking in the heat of battle, have been a joy to witness and I've also gained a lot from this.

CREATIVE thinking:
He always comes up with new, refreshing ideas that keep everyone on their toes. This is certainly one thing I've really enjoyed about him.These are just a few of many points showing why I think Richard is one of the best, if not the best Coach in the world!!!It's been a true privilege to have played under him, and I hope our roads will cross again somewhere in the near future!!

A.B de Villiers
Batsman, All-rounder. / Titans and South Africa