Cricket Coaching Batting Tips / Lefty always getting out lbw

by Stephen

Hi, my son is left handed and is always getting out lbw, have you got any tips for him?

Hi Stephen, getting out LBW is related to a couple of batting fundamentals and they are essential to right and left handers, although they are magnified when facing a bowler of the opposite hand because of the angle.

Getting out LBW relates to balance and focus and they go together.

Balance is the foundation of batting movement and the head position dictates this, your son needs to keep his head still and tucked in to his right shoulder to make sure they move and work together. This helps with moving up and down the crease and not falling across it.
I like the batter to take time and set himself up in the crease, feet evenly placed, shoulder width apart and head still, tucked in and tilted down slightly so that the movement is straight into the shot, not up, then down.

The second batting fundamental is focus, the eyes are in the head and the head dictates balance, everything working together.

When the batter doesn’t watch the ball carefully then they can misjudge length and initiate the shot too early, getting into poor positions and leading to falling across the crease … LBW.

See the replies to similar questions to do with stance, balance and set up on the cricket batting tips page under ‘Cricket Batting Tips: Balance, Stance, Grip, Head Position’.

These will explain drills and offer solutions as well.

Best Wishes Coach

Richard Pybus

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