Cricket Fast Bowling Tips / How To Bowl In Swing

by Anshul Mehra
(Delhi , India)

Malcolm Marshall: Master Of Swing

Sir, I can’t bowl in swing because I am unable to keep the seam straight towards fine leg when bowling to the right hand batsman. Please tell me some tips about this.

Hi Anshul,
the key to bowling In Swing is your grip, wrist position and pulling your bowling hand down straight,(for a right hand bowler) rather than past your left hip as you do when you bowl away swing.

The great West Indian fast bowler Malcolm Marshall was the master of swing and the key to it was his wrist action and the follow through of the bowling hand.

Be patient with these drills, play around with the ball to experiment what works for you. It takes time to master so BE PATIENT

Stages of Learning: We learn through these stages … standing, walking, jogging, running … we need to consciously learn to control the basics as we increase pace and difficulty.

Position in the crease: Bowl from slighly wider in the crease to create an angle and give the ball space and width to swing back in.

Practice drills for bowling In Swing:

1. Begin with the bowling grip, put your thumb to the outside of the seam, the left hand side if you’re a right hand bowler. This softens your grip on the ball and makes it easier to direct it in toward the batter. Turn the seam to angle toward fine leg.

2. With a partner at the nets … hold you right elbow with your left hand so you lock it tight. Cock your bowling wrist back, with the grip for In Swing and practice flicking the ball out to your partner, work on keeping the seam vertical with the angle toward fine leg.

3. Now stand facing your partner, off 1 pace, step and gently bowl the ball to them. Make sure the bowling hand sweeps down straight now, to give the wrist action the opportunity to direct the ball toward fine leg. The ball swings with the arm action.

Again pay attention to seam position, practise this till you can control the seam.

4. Walk back now and off 3 paces do the same, sweep the bowling hand straight.

5. Repeat off 5 paces, runnng in now.

6. Repeat off your long run.

Good luck and Happy Fast Bowling. Coach

Richard Pybus

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