Cricket Warm Up

Starting Out:The Cricket Fitness Warm Up For Your Strength Session

The first step when starting your strength training should be your warm-up.

A warm-up is the process of preparing the body for the training activity that is to follow. It is important to raise the temperature of the muscles and to wake up the nervous system before starting intense training.

There are many methods that can be used, however I have provided a routine that I use regularly with my international and first classcricketers, the great thing is, they are as applicable to you as they are to the internationals.

I call it the CORE WARM-UP. The routine is as follows:

Perform one set of each exercise one after the next. There should be no rest between exercises.

EXERCISE: Overhead Squat


DESCRIPTION: Use a broomstick not a barbell. It should be held above the head, use a wide grip with straight arms. The feet should be shoulder width apart and turned slightly out. Squat slowly as if sitting back onto a chair. Keep the back flat and arms above your head as you descend. Aim to get the hips lower than the knees Return to the start position and repeat.

EXERCISE: Push-ups


Start with the feet together, hands slightly wider than shoulder width and arms straight. Slowly descend so that the chest is about 5 cm from the floor. Return to the start position and repeat.

EXERCISE: Good Morning


Use a broomstick or light barbell. Place it on the shoulder with the feet shoulder width apart and legs straight. Flex forward from the hips. Keep the back flat or slightly arched. As you flex forward slightly flex the knees and push the buttock backwards. Return to the start and repeat.

EXERCISE: Push-up Row


Use 2 light dumbbells (about 5kg each). Start in a push up position. Perform a push up followed by a single arm row on the right then the left side. Repeat.

EXERCISE: Lunge Rotation

REPETITIONS: 5 Reps each side

Use a 3kg medicine ball or dumbbell. Start with a stagger stance and weight held to the side of the body. Lunge forward and rotate the ball across at the same time. Return to the start position.

EXERCISE: Woodchop

REPETITIONS: 8 Reps each side

Use a 3kg medicine ball or dumbbell. Start in a semi squat position with feet shoulder width apart. Stand up and rotate the body to one side and lift the arms above the head. Return to the start. Complete all the reps on one side then repeat on the other side.

EXERCISE: Hip Flexion Rotation

REPETITIONS: 5 reps each side

Start in a push up position. Simultaneously flex the hip and rotate the torso. Bring the knee across the body. Return to the start and repeat on the other side.

EXERCISE: Bridging Hip Flexion

REPETITIONS: 8 Reps each side

Place the feet hip width apart on the bench. Raise the hips off the floor until the thighs are in line with the torso. The body should be held straight and this position maintained. Alternately Flex the hip.


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