Cricket Fitness Plan: Work Capacity Routine 3

Work Capacity Routine 3

· This routine must be performed on a grass field. Perform the CORE WARM-UP before starting the routine. Then jog for 2 min, start slowly and gradually increase your pace over the two minutes.

· Place 2 markers, 40m apart on the field. This is a run through routine so you will need to run from one marker to the next.

· Set 1- Run at about 80-85% of maximum speed. Stride from the first marker to the second. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat. This should be done six times. Rest for 1 min

· Set 2 – Same as set 1. Rest 1 min.

· Set 3 – Same as Set 1. Rest 1 min.

· Set 4- Same as Set 1. Rest 1 min.

· Each week increase the routine by 1 set until you can perform 10 sets. Once all the sets have been completed perform a 2 min cool down jog (slow). This can be followed by a stretch.

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